Demography, elections and memetic viruses

Too much noise is being made about Delhi election results as we write this. We always wonder why the Hindus have become so short-sighted. When the fake vAjapeyin won, many Hindus did run amok in happiness. The party of vAjapeyin is also infected by anti-H virus in various forms. V himself was affected by it. This short note is to put our perspective on record.

In our day to day interactions, we find that majority of the Hindus are affected by the western memes and have lost the connection to their own roots. Western memes are considering as the way for success and development. Various progressive ‘-isms’ are supported by the educated H. The so-called right wing BJP has too many liberals in its ranks. Most of the Hindutva ranks are filled with those who are afraid of a Muslim resurgence but are themselves liberals. Thus, we do not even have a proper pro-Hindu political party at national level.

In the recent visits to rural areas, we found that the viral infection is spreading to even remote villages. The greatest obstacle for Hindus is not some election results in short term. Even if BJP wins the elections for two decades, it will not help us in the long run. We are losing the demographic war. The real war is being fought on the demographic front ad we are seeing no major effort to win on that front. If we lose the demographic war, our enemy shall achieve a comprehensive and complete victory, no matter how many elections we won before that loss.

Arunachal Pradesh is being lost to Christian conversions. We lost Nagaland and Meghalaya post independence. Arunachal seems to be the latest loss. We are on a retreat and this time we are giving up completely, rather than any idea of a strategic or tactical retreat. This is slow dissolution of Hindu power which is being uprooted in a methodical manner.

Given that BJP has proven to be a party of liberals, we can utilize them only to ensure a less anti-Hindu regime. Nothing more. So, an electoral victory or loss is no reason for us to jump in joy or cry in defeat. This was the reason why we did not post any ‘we have won’ article on this page. Hindus have proven to become short-sighted at the instance of any seemingly grand victory – without a view on the long term strategic requirements. The post-Attock disaster faced by Marathas is a perfect example of this. We had expected something similar post the 2014 results. Our belief was proven right today.

If Hindus want to do something positive, they should concentrate on building their numbers. Though the census figures of 2011 seem to show Hindus at 78% of population, the number of uninfected Hindus cannot be more than a fifth of that number in our opinion. Being so, the proportion of uninfected Hindus to Muslim population is nearing 1. The right way forward would be for the former to start emulating the Orthodox Jews by having more children per family. This shall ensure that we win the demographic war in the next few decades. When that is won, election results will always favor us. Electoral losses are occurring due to our numbers not being enough. Rather than looking at short term stop gap arrangements, a permanent solution must be arranged. Even more than electoral losses, decrease in our proportion of population means the way being opened for another partition, exodus of Hindus from certain areas etc. The classic example is Haryana where Muslims have increased to 8% of total population from 2% within 6 decades. A further four-fold increase in the next few decades shall take them to 32% of population.

In 20th century, Christians lost Lebanon due to demography. Hindus must stop worrying about short term results and start playing the long term game of demographic strategy. Orthodox Jews have achieved several of their goals in Israel by planning and implementing tactics using this strategy. While the Hindu right in India seem to eulogize Israel for her achievements, they seem to have no clue about the why and how behind these achievements.

We suggest that discerning Hindus should start forming gated communities/colonies or occupy existing colonies and expand outwards from these nuclei. Suburban areas are good starting points. C-sections are bringing down TFR (we shall write a separate post on this in future). Cost of education is another impediment. Being self sufficient in schooling and health care requirements must be primary motives of these communities to overcome these hurdles. So much to do and we have not even taken the first step yet.

The situation being so, I would suggest that Hindus would do well not to concentrate too much on electoral results but rather focus on long term strategy of building their strength and numbers for the unavoidable fight expected in future.


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