Kicking away the Ladder – in a different context

‘Kicking Away the Ladder’ by Chang is well known to most who are interested in economic history of the world. We agree with Chang’s views. The colonial powers gained economic strength through interventionist policies. But they now try to kick away the growth ladder of third world countries by advocating a ‘liberal free market’. Most ‘modern’ economists who advocate liberalism will not. But his stance is supported by a great amount of facts which is never properly countered by his adversaries.

In this post, we look at another such behavior of the western world. While this post shall only give a couple of examples, the idea is to impress upon the minds of the H how the Western mind works. We cannot play and win in geo-politics unless we understand the strategies of our adversaries. This is a small lesson which is immensely important. Christianity is just one of the tools used by the western powers to subjugate the third world. The use of this religion was noted by Aizawa almost two centuries ago –

By trading with that nation, they learn about its geography and defenses. If they be weak, they dispatch troops to invade the nation; if strong, they propagate Christianity to subvert it from within. Once our people’s hearts and minds are captivated by Christianity, they will greet the barbarian host with open arms, and we would be powerless to stop them. Our people would consider it an honor and a privilege to die for this foreign god, and this willingness to die, this fearlessness, would make them fit for battle. Our people would gladly cast their riches into the sacrificial coffers of this foreign god, and those riches would finance barbarian campaigns.” (see

But his is not the only way. Being a result of Abrahamic tradition, the western powers also created a new race of dhimmis – whom we shall call ‘Gunga Dins (GD)’. In India, for example, Sikhs formed a major pillar of support for the British empire. The targets were almost always some particular community which can be molded to see the imperialist outsider as their ally against the other community/ies in a nation. Sometimes, entire countries have been used as GD against their enemies. It has been the practice of the western powers to kick these GD off after they have been used. The western world, especially the elite, has a clear difference between them and the rest of the world. Loyalty towards an outsider has no meaning to those barbarians. Unfortunately, H seem to miss this lesson from history just as they have missed several others. Even today, we hear about how we can expect Uncle Sam to intervene in our favor, how the gora-s will wake up to the reality of terrorism (as if they don’t know about it!!), how we shall benefit from a strong partnership with western world – we shall be rewarded for our loyalty to democracy etc. We shall look at a couple of examples of GD’s and how they were treated by the western powers. A further evidence for mleccha-marUnmattAbhisaMdhi (as put by the author of manasataramgini) shall be seen in these examples.

Sikhs – Sikhs, by and large, were favorably disposed towards British Raj. But at the time of partition, the Sikhs were left to fend for themselves against the demonic brutality displayed by Muslims in West Punjab. No step was taken by the British Raj to contain the violence against the turban-wearers in West Punjab – which had started in earnest as early as March 1947. Where the Sikhs were good GDs to the British Empire, the majority of Muslims stayed away from freedom struggle. Muslim League was not as much interested in freedom as opposing Hindus and Congress. When the time came for the British to select one of the two for favor, the Raj selected the Muslims over Sikhs. The loyal Sikhs were left defenseless to satiate the Muslim hunger. We are sure that the heathen vs abrahamic sentiment played not a small role in this decision. After all, aren’t Hindus a beastly people with beastly religion? While the Sikhs might love to see themselves as closer to monotheistic Abrahamists (as most GD love to do), the master has no wish to be compared to such low life beings.

Assyrian Christians – Pagan Assyrians had been exterminated by the Islamic rulers centuries ago. The pretopAsaka-s survived as they were ‘Ahl-al-kitAb (people of the book). They paid jizyah and lived as dimmi-s but were able to survive where the pagans faced only extermination. These Christians of Iraq (descendants of the ancient Assyrians) joined the British army and served the empire post First World War. They had fought against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Their struggle was for the establishment of a separate independent Assyrian state. With the surrender of Russia (post Bolshevik revolution) and the destruction of Armenian resistance, the Assyrians were caught in a precarious situation – surrounded by enemies and lack of supplies. Those who escaped concentrated in northern Iraq where they were in some good numbers and expected the British to save the fellow Christians from the other Abrahamism. The Assyrians were loyal to British and they were used by the British to rule over Iraq. But when the Kingdom of Iraq was given independence (along with an alliance with British), the British left the Assyrians to fend for themselves. Assyrians demanded an independent Assyrian state – so that they could live in peace. Their plea went unheeded. They were made to swear fealty to King Faisal. Encouraged by British indifference, the Arabs began a genocide of Assyrians once again – Simele Massacre of 1933 being one of the most notorious. The Assyrian Levies (Assyrians who were in British Army) wanted a discharge within 30 days – so that they could go back to their lands and defend their people. But their wishes were not granted. Not a single Arab was convicted for the massacre.

William Saroyan notes in his ‘Seventy Thousand Assyrians’:

 “Well,” he laughed, “simply because everything is washed up over there.” I am repeating his words precisely, putting in nothing of my own. “We were a great people once,” he went on. “But that was yesterday, the day before yesterday. Now we are a topic in ancient history. We had a great civilization. They’re still admiring it. Now I am in America learning how to cut hair. We’re washed up as a race, we’re through, it’s all over, why should I learn to read the language? We have no writers, we have no news- well, there is a little news: once in a while the English encourage the Arabs to massacre us, that is all. It’s an old story, we know all about it. The news comes over to us through the Associated Press, anyway.”

    These remarks were very painful to me, an Armenian. I had always felt badly about my own people being destroyed. I had never heard an Assyrian speaking in English about such things. I felt great love for this young fellow. Don’t get me wrong. There is a tendency these days to think in terms of pansies whenever a man says that he has affection for man. I think now that I have affection for all people, even for the enemies of Armenia, whom I have so tactfully not named. Everyone knows who they are. I have nothing against any of them because I think of them as one man living one life at a time, and I know, I am positive, that one man at a time is incapable of the monstrosities performed by mobs. My objection is to mobs only.

    “Well,” I said, “it is much the same with us. We, too, are old. We still have our church. We still have a few writers, Aharonian, Isahakian, a few others, but it is much the same.”

    “Yes,” said the barber, “I know. We went in for the wrong things. We went in for the simple things, peace and quiet and families. We didn’t go in for machinery and conquest and militarism. We didn’t go in for diplomacy and deceit and the invention of machine-guns and poison gases. Well, there is no use in being disappointed. We had our day, I suppose.”

    “We are hopeful,” I said. “There is no Armenian living who does not still dream of an independent Armenia.”

    “Dream?” said Badal. “Well, that is something. Assyrians cannot even dream any more. Why, do you know how many of us are left on earth?”

    “Two or three million,” I suggested.

    “Seventy thousand,” said Badal. “That is all. Seventy thousand Assyrians in the world, and the Arabs are still killing us. They killed seventy of us in a little uprising last month. There was a small paragraph in the paper. Seventy more of us destroyed. We’ll be wiped out before long. My brother is married to an American girl and he has a son. There is no more hope. We are trying to forget Assyria. My father still reads a paper that comes from New York, but he is an old man. He will be dead soon.”

A few H might wonder about this behavior of the British towards the Assyrians – who are Christians. But the reason is clear for all who wish to see the truth. The powers of Western Europe have always held contempt for the Orthodox Church as well the Eastern Europeans (let alone those of the Middle East). This contempt was so high that the English and French joined hands with Muslim Turkey to ensure that Jerusalem does not pass into the hands of Orthodox Russia from Islamic Turkey. While the majority of Assyrians are connected to the Catholic church, they are not gora enough in the eyes of the powers that be. Thus, they can be sacrificed for the ‘greater good’ (economic/political) of the ruling classes of the world. Had the oppressors been heathens as in the case of Boxer revolution, the West may have indeed taken note. But in this case, the perpetrators were Arabs who were also followers of a different strain of monotheism and thus, not as widely different as the heathens. The scale of difference has always mattered a lot to the sensibilities of the mind of the white man. As Vivekananda pointed out, to attract the sympathies of the white man, missionaries printed posters in the US depicting Hindu heathen woman (black in color) throwing her baby (white in color) to the crocodiles. The revulsion towards those of different color is heightened even more when the other is also a heathen. This explains the discomfiture of the western powers when the Russian Empire was defeated by the yellow-skinned Japanese heathens. Out of the Axis powers, Japanese alone were selected for a heap of insults – even forcing complete disarmament and lack of a military force – by thrusting a constitution on the heathen nation. The Germans were never made to face such ignomy.

Several more such GD can be found throughout history. In a way, even Ukrainians and Georgians have become GD for the West – but we do not see any Western intervention against the resurgent Rus lead by the wannabe Emperor, Putin. In Iraq, those who supported the Americans are facing genocides and massacres. But we do not see any major interference by Uncle Sam. The latter is the true inheritor of Western Europe’s penchant for global domination and hegemony. The successor state is not so different from its predecessors.

Kicking away the ladder is true in several levels when it comes to Western policy making. They might utilize us till we are useful to them but they will not feel any unease in leaving us to face destruction if they feel that they have nothing more to gain. The West is very pragmatic in their approach to geo-politics. Only fools can expect loyalty or true allies among those nations.

We hear some fellow H who feel that if we align ourselves alongside the West, we can become great once again – as the West shall support us. They feel that if we support the West, the West shall be loyal to us. The above given examples (many more can be cited) show that the West does not care about the fate of GD much. At most, we can expect some romance being written about GD. H must decide whether this is their greatest desire. We must build a more pragmatic geo-political alliance to face the twin dangers of Abrahamic cults as well as Hans. West cannot be trusted to support us as true allies. Are we ready to face the truth?