Lessons for Hindus from the terminal phase of the Qing dynasty

The Qing/Manchu were the last of the steppe tribes to conquer and rule China. Initially strong and conscious of their own identity, they tried to avoid Sinicization which had subsumed previous steppe dynasties such as the Yuan dynasty or their own Jurchen ancestors whom the Mongols conquered. But by the 19th century, internal weakness combined with mleccha aggression paved the way for a series of disastrous rebellions and wars which led to their overthrow in the early 20th century by the resurgent Han nationalism.

One may ask how all this is relevant to the issues facing Hindus today?

A quick glance at the 19th century Qing history shows that many of the factors responsible for the disasters that befell the Manchu & their Han subjects are present in today’s India but at an even more advanced stage. Let us then take a quick survey of the century.

In the 1820’s the Ghazi Jahangir Khoja launched a Jihad against the Qing and even briefly defeated them to conquer Altishahr in 1826-27 but the Qing dispatched an overwhelming force which crushed this Ghazi.

This was followed by the first Opium war wherein the Qing were dealt a crushing blow by the same barbarians who conquered us (with Hindus serving as the faithful lackeys/cannon fodder for the mlecchas against Qing). The defeat only increased the contempt of other would be aggressors and paved the way for a series of disasters.

The first Opium war  was followed by the bloodbath of the Taiping rebellion (1850-1864) led by the chIna brother of Jesus who founded his own mutation of the original preta cult. The end result was an estimated 20 million dead accompanied by immense devastation and further weakening of the dynasty before it was put down. As this 14 year conflict raged on, the Rus moved in and conquered nearly 1 million sq. km’s (they barely even needed to fire any shots for victory) of sparsely populated land along the Amur river which was formalized by the Treaty of Aigun. The parallel to the cult of the chIna brother of Jesus is of course the immense growth of rice preta’s in Andhra & Tamilnadu who can serve as future fodder for their mleccha masters.

As if the above were not enough the 17 year Panthay rebellion broke out in 1856 and lasted till 1873. The rebels were the followers of Muhammad in Yunnan in Southwest China and at least over a million were said to have died before it was crushed. Just as this jihad was crushed, another massive jihadist uprising known as the Dungan rebellion (1862-1877) broke out and spread over Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, and East Turkestan (or Xinjiang as the Han imperialists call it). This time the maru’s in East Turkestan even managed to establish an independent khilafat of sorts for a short period under the leadership of Yaqub Beg and were supported by external powers like the Ottoman empire, Rus empire, and the British empire. The Rus moved in again and occupied strategic areas while the Manchu-Han were battling the jihad which they finally  managed to crush after a long war of annihilation characterized by wholesale massacre of civilians on both sides. It is said that between 8 and 12 million people lay dead in this rebellion accompanied by a massive reduction in Muslim numbers due to the massacres. For good measure, the china-s also practiced advanced sunnat on the sons and grandsons of Yaqub Beg who ended up as Imperial palace eunuchs after their castration. I do not know accurate statistics for the Muslim numbers but have seen upper bound estimates of 10% in the Qing empire and after this rebellion they were reduced to less than 2% of the empire (i.e. an over 80% reduction in numbers). If 10% of maru-s can cause such damage, what do Hindus think our 15%+ maru-s filled with much more Islamic zeal can do?

As if all this was not enough, the Nien rebellion (1851-1868) broke out in parallel in northern China due to lax response of the Qing gov’t to floods and according to Valerie Hudson, a skewed sex ratio caused by selective female infanticide. This rebellion was said to have resulted in 500,000 deaths and was referred to by Hu Jintao in talking about the dangers of the skewed sex ratio in contemporary PRC. In India too, many bhrashta’s engage in the papa of bhrunahatya (https://vajrin.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/abortion-an-astika-view/) particularly of girls with the result that Hindus have a very skewed sex ratio. The Nien rebellion should serve as a warning bell for the nincompoop leaders of Hindus about the catastrophe awaiting us if we continue on the same path.

In 1856 the second Opium war broke out and lasted till 1860, this time the drug peddling British barbarians were joined by their fellow mlecchas, the French, the Americans, and the Rus. The result was another crushing defeat with a humiliating treaty including financial and territorial losses to the British and Rus.

In 1884-85 the Sino-French war broke out followed by another humiliating defeat in which the Qing lost control of Northern Vietnam. By 1894-95 the first Sino-Japanese war broke out and while most outsiders expected the Qing to win, the newly modernizing ushAputra-s dealt them a humiliating defeat which ended in the loss of Taiwan, Korean independence etc. An important detail to note is that as this war was being fought, another Dungan jihad broke out simultaneously in 1895 and was crushed by 1896. Our domestic maru’s too can launch such an internal jihad while our secular sena is busy fighting an external war with the Sino-Pak combine (the Qing had no delusion of secularism nor were they bound by any Geneva convention), are Hindus prepared for such an eventuality?

Finally between 1898-1900 the anti preta Boxer rebellion broke out and was crushed rather easily by the mleccha powers. The china-s wished to uphold their religious traditions against the preta-s but suffered a humiliating defeat with the intervention of the mleccha sena-s. Bharata too could suffer the same fate even if a Hindu gov’t comes to power and wishes to uphold dharma against the preta and maru aggressors, are the Hindus ready for a military showdown in case of such an intervention by mleccha powers?


The china-s do not call this the “century of humiliation” without reason, it was truly a terrible period for their civilization as it was for ours and at the hands of the same forces. The differences creep in when considering the luck of the china-s & their tenacity. They retained a semblance of independence because no mleccha power wished the others to be the sole conqueror of china and china-s fought valiantly against odds to retain much of their conquered land (e.g. East Turkestan). One may compare this with the cowardly Hindu response of giving into partition without a fight and even celebrating it as a triumph!

In addition the china-s remember this era of humiliation and seek to avenge it while the Hindus are reduced to repeating puerile nothings and even praising the British barbarians as bringing us the “rule of law” and other such nonsense. A large section of Hindus have such little knowledge of history that they even claim the British liberated us from Islam (instead they strengthened Islam) when in fact they took over the land from the Marathas who had already eradicated Islamic political power from much of India.

Let Hindus also mull over the enormity of sacrifices the china-s had to make to keep their land. For example the Taiping rebellion alone was said to have killed 20 million. Are we prepared to sustain 60 or 80 million dead in war (considering contemporary India has 3 or 4 times the total population of the 19th century Qing empire)? Are Hindu civilians  ready to form militias to wage war against their maru neighbors if they launch a nationwide jihad during an external war with PRC?, for this is what the Han civilians did during the Dungan jihad or Taiping rebellion including conducting large scale retaliatory massacres of maru civilians.

Instead we see well meaning Hindus (some of them even rather well known Hindu “intellectuals”) ignorantly prattle claims that the Hindus supposedly conquered the china-s civilizationally 2000 years ago. By contrast the china-s are sharpening on the advice of Lord Shang, and Sun Tzu even as we we have forsaken Chanakya for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. I guess one can’t expect any better from a civilization which seems to have forgotten the great God Indra and is instead enthralled by the various proliferating Babaisms. May the great thunderer take pity on his unworthy children and guide them to light from such puerile preoccupations for otherwise we may end up in the museum at best or the maru’s may not even afford us that luxury and obliterate even the traces of our civilization completely.

And let the right thinking Hindus reading this contemplate the brave fight of the china-s and mull over whether today’s Hindus are prepared for such sacrifices instead of mouthing boastful feel good nonsense.


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