Lessons for Hindus from the terminal phase of the Qing dynasty

The Qing/Manchu were the last of the steppe tribes to conquer and rule China. Initially strong and conscious of their own identity, they tried to avoid Sinicization which had subsumed previous steppe dynasties such as the Yuan dynasty or their own Jurchen ancestors whom the Mongols conquered. But by the 19th century, internal weakness combined with mleccha aggression paved the way for a series of disastrous rebellions and wars which led to their overthrow in the early 20th century by the resurgent Han nationalism.

One may ask how all this is relevant to the issues facing Hindus today?

A quick glance at the 19th century Qing history shows that many of the factors responsible for the disasters that befell the Manchu & their Han subjects are present in today’s India but at an even more advanced stage. Let us then take a quick survey of the century.

In the 1820’s the Ghazi Jahangir Khoja launched a Jihad against the Qing and even briefly defeated them to conquer Altishahr in 1826-27 but the Qing dispatched an overwhelming force which crushed this Ghazi.

This was followed by the first Opium war wherein the Qing were dealt a crushing blow by the same barbarians who conquered us (with Hindus serving as the faithful lackeys/cannon fodder for the mlecchas against Qing). The defeat only increased the contempt of other would be aggressors and paved the way for a series of disasters.

The first Opium war  was followed by the bloodbath of the Taiping rebellion (1850-1864) led by the chIna brother of Jesus who founded his own mutation of the original preta cult. The end result was an estimated 20 million dead accompanied by immense devastation and further weakening of the dynasty before it was put down. As this 14 year conflict raged on, the Rus moved in and conquered nearly 1 million sq. km’s (they barely even needed to fire any shots for victory) of sparsely populated land along the Amur river which was formalized by the Treaty of Aigun. The parallel to the cult of the chIna brother of Jesus is of course the immense growth of rice preta’s in Andhra & Tamilnadu who can serve as future fodder for their mleccha masters.

As if the above were not enough the 17 year Panthay rebellion broke out in 1856 and lasted till 1873. The rebels were the followers of Muhammad in Yunnan in Southwest China and at least over a million were said to have died before it was crushed. Just as this jihad was crushed, another massive jihadist uprising known as the Dungan rebellion (1862-1877) broke out and spread over Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, and East Turkestan (or Xinjiang as the Han imperialists call it). This time the maru’s in East Turkestan even managed to establish an independent khilafat of sorts for a short period under the leadership of Yaqub Beg and were supported by external powers like the Ottoman empire, Rus empire, and the British empire. The Rus moved in again and occupied strategic areas while the Manchu-Han were battling the jihad which they finally  managed to crush after a long war of annihilation characterized by wholesale massacre of civilians on both sides. It is said that between 8 and 12 million people lay dead in this rebellion accompanied by a massive reduction in Muslim numbers due to the massacres. For good measure, the china-s also practiced advanced sunnat on the sons and grandsons of Yaqub Beg who ended up as Imperial palace eunuchs after their castration. I do not know accurate statistics for the Muslim numbers but have seen upper bound estimates of 10% in the Qing empire and after this rebellion they were reduced to less than 2% of the empire (i.e. an over 80% reduction in numbers). If 10% of maru-s can cause such damage, what do Hindus think our 15%+ maru-s filled with much more Islamic zeal can do?

As if all this was not enough, the Nien rebellion (1851-1868) broke out in parallel in northern China due to lax response of the Qing gov’t to floods and according to Valerie Hudson, a skewed sex ratio caused by selective female infanticide. This rebellion was said to have resulted in 500,000 deaths and was referred to by Hu Jintao in talking about the dangers of the skewed sex ratio in contemporary PRC. In India too, many bhrashta’s engage in the papa of bhrunahatya (https://vajrin.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/abortion-an-astika-view/) particularly of girls with the result that Hindus have a very skewed sex ratio. The Nien rebellion should serve as a warning bell for the nincompoop leaders of Hindus about the catastrophe awaiting us if we continue on the same path.

In 1856 the second Opium war broke out and lasted till 1860, this time the drug peddling British barbarians were joined by their fellow mlecchas, the French, the Americans, and the Rus. The result was another crushing defeat with a humiliating treaty including financial and territorial losses to the British and Rus.

In 1884-85 the Sino-French war broke out followed by another humiliating defeat in which the Qing lost control of Northern Vietnam. By 1894-95 the first Sino-Japanese war broke out and while most outsiders expected the Qing to win, the newly modernizing ushAputra-s dealt them a humiliating defeat which ended in the loss of Taiwan, Korean independence etc. An important detail to note is that as this war was being fought, another Dungan jihad broke out simultaneously in 1895 and was crushed by 1896. Our domestic maru’s too can launch such an internal jihad while our secular sena is busy fighting an external war with the Sino-Pak combine (the Qing had no delusion of secularism nor were they bound by any Geneva convention), are Hindus prepared for such an eventuality?

Finally between 1898-1900 the anti preta Boxer rebellion broke out and was crushed rather easily by the mleccha powers. The china-s wished to uphold their religious traditions against the preta-s but suffered a humiliating defeat with the intervention of the mleccha sena-s. Bharata too could suffer the same fate even if a Hindu gov’t comes to power and wishes to uphold dharma against the preta and maru aggressors, are the Hindus ready for a military showdown in case of such an intervention by mleccha powers?


The china-s do not call this the “century of humiliation” without reason, it was truly a terrible period for their civilization as it was for ours and at the hands of the same forces. The differences creep in when considering the luck of the china-s & their tenacity. They retained a semblance of independence because no mleccha power wished the others to be the sole conqueror of china and china-s fought valiantly against odds to retain much of their conquered land (e.g. East Turkestan). One may compare this with the cowardly Hindu response of giving into partition without a fight and even celebrating it as a triumph!

In addition the china-s remember this era of humiliation and seek to avenge it while the Hindus are reduced to repeating puerile nothings and even praising the British barbarians as bringing us the “rule of law” and other such nonsense. A large section of Hindus have such little knowledge of history that they even claim the British liberated us from Islam (instead they strengthened Islam) when in fact they took over the land from the Marathas who had already eradicated Islamic political power from much of India.

Let Hindus also mull over the enormity of sacrifices the china-s had to make to keep their land. For example the Taiping rebellion alone was said to have killed 20 million. Are we prepared to sustain 60 or 80 million dead in war (considering contemporary India has 3 or 4 times the total population of the 19th century Qing empire)? Are Hindu civilians  ready to form militias to wage war against their maru neighbors if they launch a nationwide jihad during an external war with PRC?, for this is what the Han civilians did during the Dungan jihad or Taiping rebellion including conducting large scale retaliatory massacres of maru civilians.

Instead we see well meaning Hindus (some of them even rather well known Hindu “intellectuals”) ignorantly prattle claims that the Hindus supposedly conquered the china-s civilizationally 2000 years ago. By contrast the china-s are sharpening on the advice of Lord Shang, and Sun Tzu even as we we have forsaken Chanakya for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. I guess one can’t expect any better from a civilization which seems to have forgotten the great God Indra and is instead enthralled by the various proliferating Babaisms. May the great thunderer take pity on his unworthy children and guide them to light from such puerile preoccupations for otherwise we may end up in the museum at best or the maru’s may not even afford us that luxury and obliterate even the traces of our civilization completely.

And let the right thinking Hindus reading this contemplate the brave fight of the china-s and mull over whether today’s Hindus are prepared for such sacrifices instead of mouthing boastful feel good nonsense.


“Management of Savagery” by Abu Bakr Naji: Analysis from a Hindu viewpoint


Even after our long struggle against the marUnmattas, few Hindus have any inkling of the aims and motives of the unmada, let alone its foundational principles and internal processes. The majority of Hindus choose not only to believe the propaganda of the whites and the taqiyya of the marUnmattas but also mix their own romantic conceptions with these false ideas, thus aiding the unmadas and which causes them to exult at the gullibility of the nivAsi­s (dwellers) of Jambudvipa. As a result, Hindus are correctly judged as having no discernment or concentrated strength to speak of, and therefore are treated as weaklings to be gobbled up and divided up amongst themselves by these predators. Amidst this, Hindus after their military defeats have been denuded in the financial, ideological and social aspects of their civilization. The extent of the degradation (and the amnesia imposed upon us) is such that even Hindu elites have no inkling of their own civilizational principles and processes. This has left both the educated and the laity defenseless against the crude but apparently well justified assertions and claims of the monotheists and they are forced to go on the defensive, thus ceding a lot of ground to enemies. Since the profound and sophisticated nature of the brahma­kshatra politico­ritual systems is beyond the grasp of most or would not be accepted from emotional considerations, it is not possible for us to educate the average Hindu and make him consign his resources to a Hindu pUrnayuddha, which alone can match the scale and intensity of the white plans for dominance or the Islamic jihad. It is true that the unmadas have been effectively refuted by the barahima (http://manasataramgini.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/5030/), that the jihad has been rolled back several times by people of any given varna or jati. Yet collectively we have been losing territories and international influence, and are essentially a football for various forces around the world, getting kicked around by all and sundry. The much vaunted success of Indians is merely the use of high end hindu talent as slaves by the whites which is never adequately rewarded. It is doubly debilitating, the Hindu civilization’s best are weaned away from their ancestral culture and their efforts used to denigrate and destroy the very culture they came from. In this snowballing crisis, there seems to be no route for the hindu civilization, i.e. the genetic and the memetic heritage of bhArat to survive beyond the next 4 or 5 decades except as a slave minority in some mleccha lands akin to the Jews.

In light of this the average Hindu might ask­why should we try and preserve a losing ideology, which in addition has the famous stratification of society into varna­s? The answer, as has been hinted in various places is that the monotheisms are merely covers for the replacement of populations by the dominant holders of the ideology; In Islam the Arabs will almost certainly replace every other ethnic group, even the Turks and Persians at a later stage. It follows that even if a Hindu jati/Hindu converts to a monotheism, after its/his political and cosmetic purposes are served they/he will certainly be disposed off genetically by various pressures; we can see it in operation in the Philippines, Latin America, Persia, Egypt, Central Asia etc. where entire ethnicities have been wiped out and replaced partially by Arabic/White genetic material. This process will only amplify and continue, and the populations will get more White and Arab as time spent under Islamic and Christian dominance increases. Thus the monotheisms will end even the genetic existence of the ethnicities grouped as Hindus. In this struggle for existence, our memes too shall play a great role, and the memes that have resulted in the survival of every kind of jAti into modern times, are the brAhminical or brahma­kshtra memes. This important fact is glossed over by the proponents of liberalism who, in their rants against Hinduism never mention the ethnicities and the great similarity of populations all over the monotheist lands; in the whole of europe only a few like Basques, Sorbs survive (as Christians) from the pre monotheist eras. Apart from the Romas, who are brutally treated and are late entrants to Europe not many have survived the monotheist inspired racism and extermination campaigns. On the other hand, even in vaidika times there had been some sort of accomodation with the various non Arya communities by the Arya­s; for example the nagas of various regions, some nishada sthapatis were allowed to sponsor yajna-s, Rana Pratap fought marUnmattas alongside the bhilla­s, the sanskritization of many shudra jatis (as mutual opposition with brahmanAs waned over centuries, ended post gupta age) and the entry of Avarnas into public life in the modern republic of India. These successful social processes of integration are never acknowledged as the credit would have to go to Brahmanical Hinduism. On the other hand one can clearly see how Blacks/Filipinos are treated by whites, and by Muslims who explicitly enslave them. So, if we want to see our children and their children, we have to remove monotheism from the world especially Islam whose rate of Arabizaton & Turkization is extremely rapid.

The removal of monotheism is a problem whose scale is gargantuan, and nature most obtuse (very strong biological prallels exist as the acharya has explained http://manasataramgini.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/khilonmada-charcha/).While we heathens instinctively feel that there is something wrong about their ways, we are unable to completely get at the core of their existence, and understand why they perform a specific action or not. Conversely in trying to understand us Hindus as a single group, they too made errors which have now been corrected, thus paving the way for our destruction. While the monotheists know our ways intimately, we have no knowledge of theirs; very few Hindus have studied Arabic, or have anything more than a superficial knowledge of Christianity and the western civilization. This places us at a serious disadvantage when faced by monotheist aggression at every level from the military (leads to less/wrong motivation) to intellectual (they can dismiss our understanding of our own texts, and shout us down when it comes to theirs). So it must be a top priority (apart from military production & training, modern heavy industry) for Hindus to study the monotheists’ dogma and most critically work out how they actually operate and whose recommendations and orders amongst them are obeyed and carried out. Towards this end, a literate Hindu might voluntarily take up an area say the economy of the whites, or evolution of the church, learn Arabic and the ideas of the Koran etc. and produce Wiki like articles at the level possible in his spare time. This will act as a kernel for future correction and expansion by Hindus as their ability improves. While more scholarly and exhaustive tomes might exist, it is important for Hindus build up their own understanding and strength, which alone leads to confidence and the capacity to win genuine victory in war. As for the study, rebuilding and rejuvenation of our own traditions, it is too great a task to be done by amateurs, and anyway institutions exist for that activity, which can be prodded and encouraged through other methods to improve their quality and productivity.


This write up tries to outline the salient points in the document “Management of Savagery” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_of_Savagery) which is available for download (http://azelin.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/abu-bakr-naji-the-management-of-savagery-the-most-critical-stage-through-which-the-umma-will-pass.pdf). The document lists the basic theory and the operational aspects but what is critical is present in the first 50 pages, which shall be our focus. The rest of the pages contain operational details, which, while being of great interest, follow from the general theory of acquiring power outlined before. The other points of interest shall be outlined in the next post, time and energy permitting.

The document is remarkable in many ways. While the Muslims had always proclaimed their intentions, the thinking and the principle have been hidden, or at least never noticed by Hindus (even now, we have to rely on an English translation made by a mlechCha). While it does not reveal much about the exact chain of command of the Sunni leadership, we can be confident of the following:

  • The work has been done by a solid scholar of the Sunni school, with access to the highest class of shaykhs, who are regarded as absolute authorities, and their advice followed to the letter.
  • It must be noted that the author is unfazed by modernity and aims only to impose the sharia worldwide; a common mistake is to assume that the Muslim clergy is backward and obscurantist while they themselves show complete clarity about the nature of modernity and use it to further the imposition of the sharia.
  • The maxims of Ibn­Khaldun are reiterated (implicitly) as though they were axioms and well known; therefore it does represent an authentic strain of Sunni Islam.
  • The author does not so much emphasize on Islamic practices as much as the imposition of the authentic version of the sharia and the obedience of the populace to the shaykhs of Islam, the expansion of which is the primary theme of the document.
  • The references, effort made and the general aim of the document indicate that it is unlikely to be a red herring meant to deceive non Muslims.
  • The striking brazenness of releasing the document to the public underlines the confidence that the Sunnis have in their theory and calculations that they can afford to openly broadcast their long term aims and the methods for their achievement. This implies that they have worked out in some detail the methods of acquiring power and have a definite roadmap for imposing sharia on the rest of the world.
  • The author has clearly identified the weaknesses of their enemies: in particular the effects of media and communication, Geneva convention (which skews any battle in favour of the Muslims) and the economic systems of the whites which are declared as being based on deceptions and false foundations.
  • The author’s strategy depends in crucial way on his enemies’ following of certain rules and the assumption that the media and communications will continue as before, and that the media greatly inflates the actual coercive capabilities of the superpower.

These preliminary observations already indicate the depth of understanding of politics that the Sunni Muslims have and must alarm all Hindus who are completely ignorant of these dangerous plans against them. Till now not a single word has been written in the Indian media about this work; while whites and no doubt even the Japanese have set their best men on it, our strategic “experts” wax eloquent on outdated frameworks and betray an utter lack of understanding of real politick. Their loose talk, facile analysis and slapdash productions will cost Hindus dearly, much like how kAshmira was lost as its intellectuals reveled in producing exquisite literature and arcane philosophy. (Also, if this is the level at which the Muslims are operating, what do the whites have in store for us? Their skills and techniques are way beyond these levels and must be operating in a more subtle way which we do not have any inkling of).

In his introduction, the author outlines the various groups that are fighting for Islam, and classifies them according to his own views (which can be deemed absolutely authentic). Some of them were on the correct path, following sharia methods and politics, whereas some that failed like the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood, erred in some point of strategy, or the application of sharia rules, or had their ideology contaminated with that of other undesirable entities, which led to their destruction. The lack of obedience to the shaykhs and infighting, and the mismanagement of these movements is highlighted by the author, who at the same time acknowledges, to varying degrees their contribution to Islamism. He lists the advantages and drawbacks of the movements that have written programs (Jihadi Salafism, Sahwa Salafism, Ikhwan, Turabi Ikhwan, and popular Jihad like Hamas). He advocates Jihadi Salafism and recommends it after modifications in consideration of human limitations, and rejects others on grounds like:

  • Inability to progress to the stage of power.
  • Incorrect teaching and dissemination of Islamic practices.
  • Neglect of some sharia conditions.

The Ummah is now asked to prepare for the stage of management of savagery which must follow current times. This stage is crucial as the correct steps shall result in the quick establishment of a sharia Khilafat, while failure will only increase the savagery which in itself is not too harmful for the Ummah, indeed far less harmful than existence under a non sharia regime.

Henceforth where the comments presented are those of the author of this analysis; it will be indicated as such.

Some History

When a large empire falls, the successor is rarely able to inherit it intact; several distant regions descend, on account of the different powers and human nature, into savagery. For example, the peripheral states of the Khilafat, which disintegrated, were stabilized by the Sykes-Picot treaty and the recognition and help given to the new regime by the superpowers of the day. Some regimes collaborated with the imperialists and thus were permitted to rule[1],while others were independent; however that did not matter as most of them soon gravitated towards either of the superpowers for aid and strength, and acted as the peripheral states for a superpower, even as a cover in the form of the UN was provided to hide the reality of a bipolar world. Without support the regimes collapsed and lapsed into the stage of savagery which had been avoided by the stabilizing influence of a superpower. This collapse could be caused due to various factors including that of subversion by a rival superpower. From the standpoint of Islam, this phase under the influence of a superpower caused nothing but the dilution of sharia and the weakening of Islam in these regions (e.g. the presence of secular Arabs, and Shia), and the plunder of resources by the influenced regimes spread inequity among the Muslim masses.

The belief system of the host society was not allowed to govern the state. The two components of power, that of the masses and that of the army were placed at loggerheads with each other. The masses were diverted by entertainments and luxuries, and those that did protest were put down by the army which was purchased with money. This kept the state within the orbit of the superpower. Thus the setup is stable and those who plot to overthrow the regime by inciting the public or the army are doomed to fail, and even if a revolt does occur, the old regime will only be replaced with a new figurehead, as the superpowers are quite skilled in the management of such events. [2]


[1] The transfer of power to INC and Jinnah is a good example

[2] The author clearly rejects working with or within any existing non sharia regime.

Analysis of the balance of power

The superpowers dominated through a mixture of overwhelming military power and propaganda. Propaganda was critical as even great superiority was not sufficient to assert its power and dominate the peripheral areas far away from the central regions. The regimes co-opted took part in this as their own survival and luxuries were dependent on the superpower. Thus while the actual coercive power was not at all sufficient, propaganda gave an inflated picture of this power, which prevented the masses from asserting themselves and deterred their enemies. But as time went by the superpowers, believing their own propaganda and convinced of their internal stability, overextended themselves when some weaknesses and fissures were revealed.

The military power of any state depends completely on the cohesion of its society and its institutions, and if society decays (through hedonism, lack of values, exclusive love of worldly things), its military power itself becomes a liability. The collapse can be very rapid if many factors are present as they reinforce each other. The end of the USSR is a classic example where, after initial weaknesses were exposed, the pre existing decadence of society hastened the fall of the superpower. The war in Afghanistan crippled the Soviets economically and accentuated the ills of their society. The blows to their economy were a critical factor since those societies’ values were worldly; scarcity of money resulted in unfulfilled worldly desires that increased the competition which soon led to crime in society. Thus cultural annihilation in their society was achieved through the denudation of their economy. The people and states at the periphery began to move away from the declining power whose image was shattered and with it its legitimacy to rule.

The shaykh Abdallah Azzam had calculated the above, not even taking into account the withdrawal of USSR from Afghanistan. He asserted that the economic cost alone would ruin the Soviets, which in fact played out just as he said.

However, some of these regions through efforts of existing administrations and help of the Americans who stabilized them, were prevented from turning into regions of savagery (which result in the periphery of large states that collapse), and are a part of the American order under their influence. Now it is the turn of Americans to face what the soviets did. In Afghanistan and Chechnya, the stage of vexation and exhaustion is underway.

The great effects of the victory against the Russians are:

  • In spite of the overwhelming superiority of the Russian army, its foundational weaknesses were exposed by the Taliban of Afghanistan, which in turn inspired even more many more Muslims to jihad from faraway lands (Tajikistan, Egypt, Tunisia), and showed that a military superpower could be defeated.
  • Even though the Russian army was greater than the American army (in materials, viciousness of men, capacity to take losses), it was still done in by the moral decay of Russian society.
  • Various Islamic movements have been “purified” by exposure to combat for 30 years and can now be used for coordinated and sharia based action rather than random, uncoordinated and less effective action as before

Now we can state the goals that can be achieved:

1) Remove respect for America and increase confidence of Muslims:

  • The American media’s productions must be shown to be fake and the propaganda of Americans must be completely removed. This will reveal the actual power of America which is far less than projected.
  • The superpower must be made to engage Islam directly and not by proxy, which will force even the puppets to side with Islam.

2) Human aid for the struggle will continue because:

  • Of the inspirational value of spectacular attacks.
  • America’s control over the regimes shall be exposed.
  • Direct attacks by America (which will be forced) will compel Muslims to help.

3) By exposing the media as false:

  • American public, used to hedonism will see inability to hold the periphery and agitate as their luxuries lessen.
  • They will fear the onset of savagery and will ask their government to stop engaging Islam.


This strategy, which has been released, is quite sound and not as fantastic as one might think. The shaykh has carefully explained the reasons as to why it should succeed. As for Hindus, they are nowhere near such deep, long range attempts and will fall to concerted Islamic action (first terrorism & denudation of economy and then the actual conquest by army). Our society too is rapidly moving towards the decadence as present in Russia. Note that our society is incapable of tolerating strife and shortages and gore, which Islamist societies can.

The Management of Savagery

Upon the fall of the strong empire, some regions far from the centre enter a state similar to that of Afghanistan before the Taliban, when the law of the jungle was the only one in force. At this time it is not possible to control the region as well as an administration should, but only to manage the barbarism that exists, which has to be done keeping in mind the aims of Islam. In such a land, even criminals hope that the situation would be managed by some strong authority. Sharia provides the following recommendations for such governing regions, as Islamic regions have passed through this stage in the past:

  • Spreading internal security.
  • Providing food and medical treatment.
  • Securing the region of savagery from the invasions of enemies.
  • Spread sharia in all its aspects among the people (other points can be seen in the document).

Such administrations have been established at critical junctures in Islamic history:

  • After the hijra (migration of Muhammad & his followers from Mecca to Medina), before zakat and jaziya were instituted.
  • During the crusader wars as shaykh Umar Mahmud Abu Umar says: It was these many small administrations of savagery (centered on some small castles and citadels) at the periphery of the Christian kingdom that, through constant terrorist attacks exhausted the enemy and vexed him; they unceasingly harried and denuded the Christian kingdoms. Thus when they united, the enemy was already tired and the battle of Hatin was only a formality; what made the victory possible were the constant raids by the small savagery based rulers.
  • al-Imam-al-Sayyid in mid 19th century, stirred the Sunni square of Kashmir, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan; it resulted in the separation of Pakistan and is a source of everlasting inspiration for the jihadis of that region.

We [the core Muslims] are now in the stage of vexation and exhaustion of the enemy and must prepare for the next state by studying management as taught in the west, and apply it if it does not contradict sharia.


[1] Invariably, the muslim victory is preceded by a long series of raids and terrorist activities (e.g. Armenia, Greece and nowadays against the Hindus of India, see: http://musingsofhh.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/madrassa-and-terrorists-in-the-expansion-of-dar-ul-islam/) till the country falls and is converted.

[2] Terrorist activities like that of the Turkish sipahis and ghazis in India constitute the vexation and the exhaustion of the enemy (in medieval India too cities were selected for terrorist action by Muslim irregulars).

[3] The shaykhs are unanimous on the point that such efforts on the part of the Muslims alone can lead to the next stage and thence to the establishment of sharia and the conversion or decimation of the kaffirs.

[4] Therefore the very existence of marUnmada shaykhs is an existential threat to any non-marus and survival demands that the said element be neutralized.

How to establish an Islamic state

There are various stages of jihad which are as follows: the stage of vexation and exhaustion known as stage VH, stage of chaos and savagery known as stage CAS and the management of savagery known as stage MOS. In addition states can be divided into “priority” states and the other, and the stages that have to be passed are different for those labeled as priority states compared to the other states.

The priority states are the ones such where stage VH is underway. These states include the Hejaz, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen etc. Fighters should concentrate on these regions and avoid dissipating their energies elsewhere, and their actions should be guided by the central high command. Further, the entire region covered by the borders need not be involved; stage VH might be restricted to a few towns and areas as in crusader times, and the aim should be to establish stage MOS regions which are under the guidance of the high command. As these areas are far away from the centre of the superpower, pockets of stage VH should be made by taking advantage of the geography and gradually moved to stage CAS. To quote the Sunni directly:

The normal, small operation and its results must be considered very valuable. Sometimes the small operation leads to harmful results, or problems, or the discovery of other groups preparing for a specific, medium operation. If those who are undertaking small operations are able to advance and develop themselves for the undertaking of a specific medium operation, then they must do so, even if the small operation has to be cancelled for its sake. However, in general, the best path of advancement for nascent groups toward the undertaking of qualitative operations is to carry out small operations in the beginning, which they undertake with sound movements and precautions.

The goals of stage VH are as follows:

1) Weakening the enemy and collaborator regimes, strike and perform continuous attrition both militarily and economically. Striking is easy as sleeper cells are present everywhere, and the superpower or enemy’s interests can be struck at different places. This will aid economic draining of the enemy as he has to provide security for all his assets spread over a wide area, and far away from the centre of his power.

2) Attracting more jihadis through public and spectacular operations at the medium level which can be done without the HC’s involvement.

3) Removing the control of the existing regime so that management of savagery can come to pass.

4) Prepare terrorists for the gore which will come in the management of savagery.

The goals of stage MOS are many and can be seen in the document, and are all in accordance with sharia. To proceed towards the goal, the superpower must be attacked with a series of strikes at its varied interests. This will reduce its prestige among the Ummah. The enemy will either avenge itself upon Islam or launch a limited war. In the first case there is not much possibility of holding out for long, and it will enable us in our goal of arriving at stage MOS as in Afghanistan. In the latter case, it will not have an enemy to attack but many small stage VH, CAS or MOS regions which will increase in number if they are attacked. If not attacked, anyway recruitment will continue due to the spectacular nature of the strikes against the superpower.

Now, the masses in the places where the super power is present will rise against it as it has fallen in their esteem. The superpower will find it difficult to hold out so far from its periphery. At home too, the economic drain will result in discontent spreading amongst the hedonistic population which will demand an end to the war and engagement.

By harrying the armies of the puppet regimes, foreigners, petroleum, and the economy, the superpower can be forced to open conflict or at least its image can be damaged beyond repair. Once this happens groups in regions of stage VH and stage CAS can be persuaded and managed such that they establish stage MOS regions which will herald the sharia age in those lands.

As for the non priority states they can be first denuded by constant raiding and attack by states in stage VH/MOS near them. Once a proper administration is established in stage MOS states, the weakened non priority state can be conquered using the usual preparations and techniques.

Here we end our look into the document. In the future, deva­s permitting, we shall see the operational recommendations and their counters and attempt to formulate a response that can help us overcome the marUnmattas.


[1] Note the use of terrorism as an integral aspect of policy, and its coordination and management throughout the world; especially Pakistan which is held to be in stage VH, and it conducts terrorism in India.

[2] The strategy is a deep one involving all elements of political power, and clearly identifies the different components of power including the media. It provides for methods to undo the power of the media and use it against the superpower and is sophisticated in its combined use of terror, media and stage MOS regions to achieve its ultimate goal: the worldwide imposition of sharia.

[3] Hindus don’t have anything to match the document in breadth and depth of political vision and future planning. As a defeated people, we have forgotten to expand our territories and influence and meekly accept the narratives that have been foisted on us. We remain non­aggressive and peaceful due to inability, both physical and intellectual.


This is just one of the strategies for the expansion of the marUnmada, which is sound, and likely to be effective, as it considers economic, psychological and social factors in addition to military and terrorist action. The USA itself has a reasonable chance of falling unless they have an even better plan worked out; but the nature of this plan is that it is based on very basic principles and is long range, and impervious to external meddling; recommended actions of terrorism must result in the calculations of the shaykhs coming to pass, as the whittling down of any enemy, the constant terror tactics will ultimately wear the enemy down economically, in manpower and in willpower, given that they have an inexhaustible supply of jihadis and the extreme fanaticism of every Muslim. This ace up their sleeve can never be removed, even by America and that is what makes their victory possible.

From the Hindu standpoint we have virtually no counter either in arms, or in social cohesion or in the intellectual abilities of our elites. Indeed moral decadence, a much abused phrase must be used for a society whose best men prefer luxuries and recognition from their civilizational enemies instead of fighting for their own. May the deva­s change the state of affairs!