The death of narasa nAyaka – another lesson forgotten by us


Narasa nAyaka, the trusted commander in chief of sAluva narasimha, had taken control of the administration of the vijayanagar empire after the death of the emperor. Saluva’s son was a young boy and narasa was ruling in the name of the boy-emperor. The greatness of narasa can be seen from the fact that he conquered raichur doab from adil khan, repulsed the gajapati army and brought the rebelling governors of his southern territories under his firm control. When adil khan tried to recover raichur and mudgal, he was routed at the battles. He took refuge in a fort to the north of tungabhadrA. He feigned a desire to surrender and called for a dialogue with narasa. When narasa went to the fort to conduct diplomatic negotiations, he was attacked and killed along with his seventy retainers.

Such treachery is not uncommon in the history of the mahAmada mata. But this lesson was time and again forgotten by us. The last hindu ruler of madurai-tirucirApalli, rAnii miinAks.ii, tried to make a pact with chanda sahib. Once again, chanda sahib proved that treachery against kAfir-s is the norm of the mahAmada mata. The followers of the unmatta mata are supposed to tread on the path of their founder whom they call the last prophet. Said prophet used such treachery with impunity. He had a pact of non-aggression with the meccans. It was due to this pact that meccans allowed him and his party to retire without butchering them when they had the chance. The founder of mahAmada cult paid the meccans back with treachery. He attacked them without any warning. They never expected an attack from him due to the pact and were thus, unprepared. To break a solemn vow, to use treachery against kAfir-s is not a sin as per their unmatta founder. Hindus have failed to learn this lesson. Even as late as 1972, the woman ruling india made the same mistake as ranii miinAks.ii. She believed that the rulers of our neighborhood unmatta nation will remain true to their word and gave them a generous deal under s’imlA agreement. We gained nothing out of it. Once again, the mahAmada unmatta-s have proven that they have no sanctity for words when dealing with kAfir-s. This is not a question of mere territorial conquests but a war of annihilation. Not able to understand the enemy’s psychological status is a path to self destruction. Kr.s.n.a used every method of trick to win the war of mahAbhArata after it became clear that kaurava-s were not abiding to the rules of a dhArmika war. When abhimanyu was killed, pAn.d.ava-s stopped following the rules and started using various treacherous methods themselves. It is the most sensible approach. When your enemy is not following the rules, to abide by the rules is to bound oneself (thus giving advantage to your opponent). Even more ridiculous is to expect your opponent to abide by the rules in future when they have exhibited their unwillingness several times. Hindus seem to be making a very stupid mistake. Unless we correct it in the near future, we might be forced to pay another huge price for this colossal mistake which is being repeated due to an unwillingness to learn from history.