Lessons from History

Few know that the emergence of bahmani sultanate was due to the help rendered by kApaya nAyaka. kApaya had helped the bahmani-s against the delhi sultAn-s. Maybe the monarch thought that the new muslim rulers will be more favorably disposed towards hindus. But when their position became strong, the bahmani-s attacked kApaya. He was forced to part with a large part of his territory to the bAhmani-s. The famous fort of golkon.d.a was annexed by the bahmani-s and it remained with muslim rulers till 1947. kApaya might have thought that by propping one sultAn against another, he might gain a valuable ally. But the new sultanate proved to be as much a kAfir-hater as the sultAn of dillii. Hindus never seem to learn from history. The mogul tyrant, humAyun, was given refuge by the hindu rAjan of amarkot. The next mogul ruler, akbar, was born in amarkot. Akbar repaid this gratitude towards hindus by massacring 30000 kAfir-s when he stormed the pride of mevAd.a, chittaud. We can never expect an aikarAks.asa to become our true ally. Their enmity towards pagans and intolerance of the heathen faiths will lead to our disaster if we covet them as our allies. In 1971, we repeated the same mistake of kApaya. We helped the formation of a new Islamic state in van~ga. The newly formed Bangladesh has proved to be no different from the earlier Pakistan in hating the kAfir-s. Hindus are still suffering in the prAcya-van~ga. Export of faithful believers to the land of asom and pas’cima van~ga is continuing. Hindus in the border lands are forced to flee towards inner districts. We gained nothing from the 1971 war. We simply created another enemy. A sensible hindu ruler must have occupied the district of khulna and north western parts of prAcya-van~ga (where the indian connection to its north-east is through the narrow siliguri corridor which is a security nightmare). But we failed to do this. And currently, we are facing the problem of muslim influx from prAcya-van~ga. The van~ga-north east region seems to be heading towards a disaster.

Down south, some medieval hindu rulers had a far better strategic vision than the current crop of rulers. When the portuguese were attacking the hindu state of jaffna, nAyaka-s of tanjAvUr provided much needed help to the Arya-cakravati dynasty of jaffna. sevappa nAyaka had provided aid to sankili I. The greatest of jaffna rulers, sankili I, had crushed portuguese intervention vigorously. When the portuguese tried to settle converted fishermen in the lands of jaffna (the converted local people were considered as subjects of portuguese empire, their loyalty was towards portugal and not to any local ruler), sankili had them all beheaded on the sea-shore. The tanjAvUr nAyaka-s continued to see jaffna as part of hindu lands. The greatest of that dynasty, raghunAtha, even helped sankili II to regain his throne from the portuguese by invading jaffna personally as per the literary work, raghunAthAbhyudayam. A few years later, sankili II was again deposed by the portuguese. RaghunAtha sent small teams of his armies (numbering 1000 to 2000) to help the jaffna royals between 1619-21. It is to be noted that in 1620, raghunAtha would have been tied down in north as the sultan of golkon.d.a was attacking the vijayanagar empire. Thus, even at such a time, raghunAtha did try to help the hindu kingdom of jaffna. He had given up these attempts only when it had become clear that the jaffna royal house had virtually become extinct and that he could not open another front in that precarious situation. The current Indian government is in a far better position than raghunAtha. raghunAtha was ruling over a small part of tamil country. The current Indian government must have decisively intervened in favor of the tamil hindu-s of lan~kA when the sinhala-s began their extermination campaigns against the tamils. But we failed to achieve that and are still committing injustice to the tamil hindus of lan~ka.

We have already written about the treachery of christians and muslims against their heathen overlords (see http://tinyurl.com/a3r5uqm). This is another important lesson for us. The mApilla muslims joined hands with tippu sultAn and massacred the hindus of malabAr. The fate of rAma rAya is well-known – he was killed by the muslim troops of his own army.

Three simple lessons:

  1. Never consider any aikarAks.asa power (abrahamists) as our true ally
  2. Help the hindus and pagans. Identify the common cause. We are facing annihilation and to help our brothers from becoming extinct is our duty.
  3. Do not trust the aikarAks.asa-s in our land. To give them an important place in armed forces is an invitation for disaster. Do not let them gain a strong foothold anywhere. Their loyalty is not towards us.

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